I assume that the readers know the Bayes' rule already. If you are not familiar to it, read any kind of textbook about probability, data science, and machine learning. I recommend the book, which I learned Bayes' rule. Bayesians say that you cannot do inference without making assumptions. Thus, Bayesians also use probabilities to describe inferences. The author in the chapter 2 introduces some rules of probability theory and introduces more about assumptions in inference in the chapter 3.

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Hard K-means and responsibilities If you did not read the first part of the clustering series. Please go check it out. I use the same data points and this post starts from troubleshooting the hard K-means algorithm in the previous post. In the previous post, we defined assignment. The equivalent representation of this assignment of points to clusters is given by responsibilities, $r^{(n)}_k$. In the assignment step, we set $r^{(n)}_k$ to one if mean k is the closest mean to datapoint $ {\textbf x}^{(n)}$; otherwise, $r^{(n)}_k$ is zero.

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