I decided to use my own domain instead of renting the /github.io/, and also to insert Google adsense in my blog if possible. Even if I updated my blog only 10 times since Oct, 2017, the number of visitors and their sessions were steady by Google analysis. I appreicate the interest on my posts. Recently I started updating my blog again, and want to see the more industrial analytic result. At least I am sure the profit from the adsense will cover the cost for the domain.

As I confess with a bit of shame, I was being reckless to run some applications, and now I see the internal architecture of my blog is chaotic. It looks like a website of somone who does not know Ruby and HTML, CSS, MVC and so on.

I made up my mind to remake my blog with the other Jekyll theme. The requirements of the new theme are 1. Need to have a navigator. I spent so much time to update it and I like the function.
2. Post tag. I want visitors to find the related posts with ease.

Anyway some theme has more common features with my old blog. And I chose hugo-tranquilpeak-theme. It’s a 540-starred repo, and good to go.

The deploying way on Github, of this Hugo theme is a bit different from a normal Jekyll blog, but still straightforward to follow from the documents of the Github source.

Since I already have a blog github repsitory, I will remove out all the directories and files from the repository and overlay the new theme with old static.