Git and Github have become one of the essential part of programmers. I just mechanically commit just after I finish a code or change some setting, and it saved me so many times. It also provides great environment for teamwork and management of the projects. This Jekyll blog is also built upon the Github service.

Atom is the text editor developed by Github. And this is great. When I made up my mind to transit to data science. Vim could be the best if the users are accustomed at it. Anyway I also open the terminal all the time, using my mac. However, I do not get used to it, so tried other editors. Atom seems the best among what I have been using.

In particular, Atom & some packages in it, such as git-plus, Heisenberg, support interfaces you can run your codes or run git-commands on Atom’s interface. For example, the Heisenberg package enable the following.


During editing markdown for posting, we can change the Python code and test conveniently as you do in Jupyter notebook1.

Git and Github connections

You can open the commands box and type2 or could just click the file you have edited and can execute.


This function is very convenient when I want to add and commit only one edited file. The vim edit windows also automatically open, and when you type the message and save, it disappears automatically as well, like the following figure. The left panel shows different color according to the Git-state of the files.


Google analytics

Since I want to anything to get a job, I set Google analytics to my blog about 2 days ago. I wish company hires people by relying on their true passion and skills rather than the number of skills. By the way, it is fun. I can monitor readers’ interests. Apparently it takes away my time to study more. I check it every hour if somebody else visited my blog, and analyze their interests.


Look at the map. I dare analyze wider country loves my blog more and my blog is poor. haha.

And it made me edit the post about slice sampling. I did not put much effort on that post since I did not know if it would lead someone’s interest. I just solved the exercise, but did not show how samples move. If you have your own website, try it. Not so difficult to set up, and useful.

  1. However, the atom has a very big defect. Sometimes it is lagging while editing. Seems very critical. This drives me crazy sometimes. Look at this issueatom-issue page. My own solution is just to re-open the application. Usually works. [return]
  2. I do not do it because I changed my editor from vim to atom because I was too lazy to memorize all the shortcuts. I am OK with touch pad. Above all, I am not that geeky. lol [return]